The company SIFEE was founded in the year 1990, in a garage, to lead our ideas and initial enthusiasm to the future. Over the years, we designed and completed integrated systems (electrical, IT, heating, ventilating and air conditioning) for industrial and commercial buildings. In 2009 with our new company SIFEE NEW ENERGY SRL we initiated and developed sustainable renewable energy projects. (geothermal, photovoltaic and wind energy).

In geothermal energy, our competence and expertise is to identify the locations with hyperthermal resources, to obtain the related licenses from the National Authority for Mineral Resources and to perform evaluation, exploration activities. Together with partners, we develop projects for economic use of geothermal energy, based on deep drilling wells.

Address: Mihai Viteazu Street, No. 11, 557260, Șelimbăr, Sibiu-Romania

Beginning with 2013 we self-developed our own 2MW photovoltaic park which generates green energy to the national grid. Also, a high capacity wind park project dedicated to the latest generation of wind turbines (which do not need subsidies) and a sustainable walnut timber plantation (for production of noble hardwood) are in our portfolio.

The R&D activity and the management of the company is sustained and supported by the 3 senior-partners:

eng. Paul Pascu

eng. Gheorghe Dancu

eng. Florin Cristian