Geothermal projects

Due to the fact that Romania has a lot of geothermal resources, yet insufficiently explored, we understood the importance of the exploration and use of geothermal energy. This can be exploited where deep located underground waters (aquifers) are in correlation with positive thermal anomalies of the terrestrial crust. Geothermal water is just “a transporter” of this energy, which is unlimited, renewable, durable and clean.

Nowadays, we have the necessary technology to pump and re-inject water (with temperatures higher than 100°C) out and in deep wells, and to use its geothermal energy 24/7 for the heating of households, greenhouses, fish farms, SPA and recreational facilities or for generation of green electricity.

With more than 12 years activity, we acquired experience and expertise in the field. At present, we own several licensed geothermal perimeters in western Romania. Here, together with our partners, we have under development deep drilling projects for use of geothermal energy.