Photovoltaic projects

Photovoltaic energy is produced by direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using solar cells (semiconductors). The solar radiation releases the electrons from the atoms of the semiconductors, whose orderly motion generates electricity. This process of converting light (photons) in electricity is called photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are combined in matrixes of photovoltaic panels. The panels are south-oriented to capture the sunlight during the day. More panels can supply enough electrical energy to a household, or to large scale electric utilities. Thousands of photovoltaic panels can be interconnected in order to form a photovoltaic park. This one can generate green energy (zero-emission) with an installed capacity of megawatts.

SIFEE NEW ENERGY SRL initiated 3 photovoltaic park projects in Sibiu County. The first 3MW park, located in the village of Hosman and the second of 25MW in Mirecurea Sibiului, have been sold to international developers.

A third photovoltaic park, with 2MW installed capacity, was self-developed in Săcel-Săliște and is in operation starting with 2013. The annual production of zero-emission energy exceeds 2.500MWh.

This was our start in becoming national green energy producers.