This wind park project was initiated in the south-west of Romania, in Ciclova-Oravița, where the wind reaches a multiannual average speed of 6,3-6,5m/s. Here, along and across a pasture, we bought land property for the location of 40 wind turbines, including the necessary technological private access roads. The distance between the turbines’ locations is 800m in the main direction of the wind and 400m perpendicular to this direction.

The location of each turbine covers a land surface of 13.500 sqm. It was established a urban plan special dedicated to this wind farm and some areas of land for the turbine foundations have been converted into building land. Using 2 wind masts with the height of 100m and 60m, the wind measurements have been performed during 3 years.

A energy study of connecting the wind farm project to the existing 110kV power grid was approved. This project is suitable for new generations of high-efficiency wind turbine, for which there is no need for subsidies. This 4MW class of turbines are produced by: Enercon, Siemens-Gamesa, Vestas and General Electric.